Peggy Young & Associates, established in 1990, is a meeting management firm that specializes in national educational conferences, association and corporate meetings, trade shows, and special events.


Peggy Young is much, much more than a meeting planner and events coordinator. Her insight, strategic thinking, and attention to outcomes as well as the minutest, day-to-day details enable her to create events that inspire and move work forward! The New Teacher Center and I have been collaborating with Peggy for more than ten years and have consistently found that she designs conferences, retreats, and meetings that are much more than the sum of the various parts. We value her passionate commitment to issues of social justice, quality of life, professional growth, and human dignity — all of which come through in her work.

Janet Gless, Associate Director
New Teacher Center at University of California Santa Cruz

Peggy Young has taught us the difference between simple coordination and effective management when it comes to successful events. Her strong strategic planning and communication skills have made her an indispensable part of any conference, symposium or other gathering where outcomes matter. She knows that time and money is at a premium and artfully guides us toward a specific set of goals for our meetings with this in mind. When we work with Peggy, we know things will be done right and with a style that ensures participants feel well cared for and respected. Professionalism, intelligence and a strong work ethic combine to make every event a success. Bravo!

Margaret Gaston, Executive Director
Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning

Peggy Young’s experience has made her indispensable here at UC Santa Cruz. During the 1995–1996 academic year she coordinated 112 events, which included over 5100 guests. She has worked well with students, faculty, staff, community members and dignitaries. Peggy’s successful handling of events and her interpersonal skills have helped to enhance the public image of the campus. Peggy’s comfort with protocol reflects not only her keen sense of etiquette and of decorum, but represents a sincere consideration for others as well. Peggy makes the art of coordinating people and events seem effortless.

Karl S. Pister, Chancellor
University of California Santa Cruz

Congratulations! From every angle, the Institute seemed to be flawless! You were absolutely right: The setting was spectacular, the facilities were just right for our group, and the food was outrageous! Your care and good taste were evident throughout . . . the materials were beautiful, sophisticated and ripe with all the right information.

Kimberly E. Ford, Senior Program Officer
Walter S. Johnson Foundation

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job (again!) organizing our childcare/child development seminar. Your attention to detail, as usual, was perfect.

Julia E. Koppich, Director
Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)
School of Education
University of California, Berkeley

Our thanks for your wonderfully useful help so graciously delivered . . . You came in at a crucial moment, answered our questions in a most helpful way, told us about other questions we didn’t know to ask (and answered them just as helpfully), negotiated better terms with the hotel on our behalf, and assisted us in other ways as well. I consider myself very lucky to have gone to the Monterey meeting, to have seen your handiwork there, and to have invited you to give us a few hours of sage advice. Many, many thanks. Should there be an opportunity to put in a good word about you with prospective customers, I’d be pleased to paint your work in glowing terms.

Raymond F. Bacchetti, Program Officer
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Many thanks for your organizational skills . . . You made such a difference to the success of the training.

Sylvia Yee
The San Francisco Foundation

Peggy Young has years of experience planning and organizing events both large and small. She is resourceful, creative, diligent and hardworking. Peggy is adept at analyzing a task, recognizing her role in that task, and communicating to others what is necessary to get the job done. Peggy transformed this year’s event to help make it the most successful in its eleven-year history.

Lance Linares, Executive Director
Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County

I would like to thank you for all your wonderful help in making the visit to the Monterey Bay Region on Wednesday, May 11, for the delegates of the California Trade and Commerce Department’s Environmental Technology Mission tour such a tremendous success. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, flexibility, and creativity. I am particularly impressed with how you managed to get 20 members of the delegation into the Monterey Bay Aquarium on an hour’s notice! We know from our own experience what a coup that was. You really made the trip extra special for our guests. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Lora Lee Martin, Director
Program and Policy Development
Fort Ord Project
University of California Santa Cruz

Peggy has what I consider to be the most important of all qualifications in working with people . . . the “right instincts.” She is especially strong on planning and detail, but it is her obvious pleasure in doing the little extra touches that make things go so smoothly.

Judy Primavera, Director
Schools Plus
Public Schools Foundation of Santa Cruz County