Peggy Young & Associates, established in 1990, is a meeting management firm that specializes in national educational conferences, association and corporate meetings, trade shows, and special events.

Selected clients

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International Guild of Miniature Artisans, Ltd.

Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning

Stuart Foundation

PACE — Policy Analysis for California Education

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Community Network for Youth Development

The San Francisco Foundation

University of California Santa Cruz

New Teacher Center:

2011 Symposium
Teacher Talent = Student Success

2010 Symposium
Innovations in Teacher Induction

2009 Symposium
Vitality & Hope for Tomorrow’s Schools

2008 Symposium
Celebrating the Lessons Learned

2007 Symposium
Cultivate the Future
through Sustainable Teacher Induction

2006 Symposium
Blueprint for Success

2005 Symposium
Discover the Power of Teacher Induction

2004 Symposium
Soaring to New Heights

2003 Symposium
Transforming the Profession
through Teacher Induction

2002 Symposium
Launching the Next Generation of New Teachers

2001 Symposium
Quality Mentoring:
Staying the Course Towards Excellence and Equity

2000 Symposium
Keeping the Dream Alive:
An Excellent Teacher for Every Child

Beginning Teacher Conference (2000)
In Celebration of New Teachers:
The Key to the Future